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Doors are available with  
3" Trim Frames.

Any size upon request to meet your site conditions!

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Our Goal

Trash Linen Chutes, Ltd. company goals are to provide the highest level of service, competitive pricing with the broadest selection of products to meet our industry needs. It is our intention to be informative and detail oriented in order to meet your requirements. We offer the highest level of products that include Chutes, Trash Chute Doors, Linen Chute Doors, Inter-Lock Doors, Door Hardware and all other chute components. The superiority of our Door is the fact that the entire construction is of Type 304 Stainless Steel including the “Back Door Panel” & “Door Frame”.  This eliminates all hot rolled steel angles as frame components and lightly clad trim pieces as separate components.

We believe in One Piece Stainless Steel Construction!”

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